Monday, April 13, 2009

AhnSahngHong- Resurrection

These past few days I attended the services for the Feasts of God and I'm so happy! First, the Passover. Then, Unleavened Bread and finally, the Resurrection.

I'm so exited because I never learned the meaning of all the feast and celebrations of God. During the Feast of Resurrection (not Easter), we learned that the bible promises all those who keep this feast will also resurrect. I always assumed I was going to heaven, but thanks to Ahnsahnghong, I now understand that in order for my body to resurrect, I need to do the will of God, which is keep the Feast of God. I wish all people in the world would learn about the Feast of God instead of following plain tradition, like I was.

No wonder why so many people praise Christ Ahnsahnghong so much! He truly is the Christ because He taught the way to enter the kingdom of heaven. I don't want to say anything bad against anybody, but I never hear these things in other churches, or no preacher teaches how to enter Heaven. That's why I also give thanks and believe that Ahnsahnghong is the true Christ.